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Two Tips to Help You Find the Right SEO Company to Hire

When it comes to search engine optimization, it is easy to get confused on the best practices to follow. You already know that your accounting business can improve revenues by getting traffic from search engines. However, when you start searching for help, you are bound to be bombarded with email after email from SEO firms claiming they can make your website rank on the first page of the major search engine results pages. How can you know the right company to hire and what should you look out for? Follow the quick guide below. Click optimise accountants for more info.


The Company's SEO

A company that claims to understand SEO should be easy to find on the Internet. This does not mean the company should rank for the keyword 'SEO company'. The keyword is very competitive and it may take any company years to rank for it. Instead, what you want to see is that the company ranks on the first page for its brand name.


Also, check that the company's website meta description and determine whether it makes you want to click and read more about them. If you wish to hire a local SEO agency, find out how they rank in your city. For example, you can search for the keyword "SEO provider" and add the name of your city to see whether the company's website can be found on the top pages. Ranking for local SEO terms is easier than global terms. Find company SEO for small business today. 


Check the Company's Portfolio

Another thing you should check is the portfolio of the SEO company. Ideally, you want to work with a company that has many positive reviews online and provides case studies or list of businesses they work with. Granted, there are some clients who may need the SEO company to keep their relationship confidential. However, there are also many that will be willing to be listed and even provide a testimonial for the company.


If there is no evidence that the SEO company works with any real clients, perhaps they aren't really as proficient as they claim to be. Do not be fooled by SEO agencies that append the logos of well-known brands as their clients. Most companies put the logos there because they know potential clients cannot call to confirm. To verify that the SEO agency is indeed skilled in ranking websites, ask for links to sites that they have worked on and verify whether they rankings are still there.


The two tips above will help you find a good SEO agency. Read to learn more about SEO.